MYFITNESS PEANUT BUTTER is India’s first and only US FDA certified Peanut Butter. Since the very inception, ‘No Quality Compromise’ has been the motto of our company. Similar attention has been paid on the packaging, designing, distribution and customer service. And all this wouldn’t have been possible without having on board SAHIL KHAN, India’s Fitness & Youth Icon. His keen interest on details of the product development has made MYFITNESS what it is.

MYFITNESS since then is built on PASSION – a passion for peanut butter. We believe in happiness, we believe in YOU. The way we do it is by making products healthier, tastier and full of nutrients.

Getting positive feedback has always been a motivating factor for us to do better and be better at what we do. We just happen to make great peanut butter!

Our Certifications